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Wellness for Life

Better Health Starts Here

Wellness for Life is a high-tech program with a personal touch. Our twelve-week evidence-based*lifestyle change program increases vitality by giving you the tools and support that can help prevent and treat many chronic diseases and letting you lead a healthier, happier life.

"The program has been instrumental in helping me assess and change my life-style, my mind, and my spirit into a healthier, happier me."

Nikki W.

What to Expect

Participants are immersed in hands-on learning, featuring:

Wellness for Life offers spectacular benefits:

"I started this program hoping to come away with at least one new piece of information for my health arsenal. I came away with much more. I consider myself lucky to have been part of this group."

Beth D.

A pilot of this program conducted at Griffin Hospital in 2014 succeeded in significant weight loss and reductions in blood pressure for participants, receiving a 96 percent rating in meeting expectations and an A grade for all presentations by expert speakers.


Wellness for Life is offered in twelve-week sessions. See calendar for upcoming sessions.