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New England Cognitive Center

The New England Cognitive Center (NECC), a non-profit organization located in New London, Connecticut, develops and disseminates innovative, research-based cognitive fitness programs. NECC combines the latest advances in neuropsychological research with sound educational principles to create effective interventions that enhance brain health, independence and quality of life. The organization’s focus is on older adults who wish to maximize mental functioning and individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

In 2006, NECC received a national award from the Archstone Foundation and the Gerontological Health Section of the American Public Health Association. This award for Excellence in Program Innovation acknowledged an NECC program as a best practice model in the field of aging and encouraged its replication and continued development. In 2013, NECC became the recipient of a MindAlert Award in the Mental Fitness Programs for Early Stage Cognitively-Impaired Older Adults category from the American Society on Aging and the MetLife Foundation.

Since 2004, NECC has received ongoing financial support from the Aging Services Division of the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services. An original three year research grant was followed by the establishment of a dedicated line item in the State budget. These funds are used to underwrite research efforts, contribute to the development of programs, and serve individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This assistance is helping NECC become a national leader in the area of cognitive fitness training for older adults. NECC continues to partner with the State of Connecticut and has successfully completed cognitive innovation grants from both state and federal governments.

With nearly a quarter century of program development expertise, NECC continues to design and create new cognitive activities and programs utilizing knowledge gained through field experience, ongoing efficacy studies and current cognitive, neurological and gerontological research.