Building a Better Future for Your Community

     You can feel fulfilled if you can improve your community, or the world.   How can you best make these improvements?

     A traditional way is by contributing to your favorite church or charity from your limited cash. It will help. However, a better way is to use a tax- efficient strategy and create a more powerful impact.  Then, you can help your church, charity or non-profit solve more immediate needs of the community… or the world.

     Several charitable approaches are possible. One preferred approach is to donate your assets, such as real estate, annuities and securities … and create greater community benefits.

     Tax Advisors Network of Milford, a tax advisory service, recommends an innovative strategy for donation of assets.   This simple strategy is used by donors of all income levels, and is called “Giving While Receiving”.

     This approach will accomplish several benefits for both you and the charity in an easy and tax- efficient way, by using the proceeds of the donated assets.  It combines two different IRS -approved tax provisions to accomplish a better future for both you, your family, and the community:

     -You receive a guaranteed, fixed income for 15 or more years, totaling more than the value of the asset.   You can enjoy a comfortable life and achieve financial security,

     -You receive significant tax benefits for the current and future years

     - You provide your favorite church or charity with an immediate donation, so they can start solving current community and world problems.

      Donors love this simple approach. They enjoy the fact that there are NO expensive trusts, NO complicated tax filing, NO ongoing investment risks, and NO ongoing costs.  In addition, they appreciate avoiding the stress and worries of stock market uncertainties, and real estate management headaches.

     Donors also enjoy the opportunity to replace their donated asset using a tax –free preservation strategy.

     Your next step?  Learn how much money and tax savings you can receive using the “Giving While Receiving “approach. Get a free income and tax illustration. Contact Harvey at Tax Advisors Network, at 860-778-8168, to answer your questions on this approach-- and create a better future for yourself.

Remember to contribute to the causes that you care about---and enrich the world!!