Avoiding The Most Devastating Mistakes of Your Life

The Most Important Concerns for Seniors
by Harvey Weinstein, MBA


Ask an older person what his or her most important concerns are. You would probably get a variety of different answers. According to many surveys conducted among the elderly, the most likely answers    received includes the following three principal concerns or wishes.


It’s Human Nature

Although the elderly are definitely concerned about the need for planning for these issues, it is not often a priority. It is human nature not to worry about an event until it happens.

Handling an Unexpected Devastating Crisis

For the elderly, the actual arrival of chronic poor health, or running out of money, or losing independence       is probably the most devastating unexpected event that could happen to them. This is because experiencing any or all of these events typically remove all security an elderly person may have to deal with  these three major lifestyle concerns or wishes

The elderly will have to rely on others for their care. No other late-life event can be as devastating to the lifestyle the elderly are so concerned about maintaining. Many elderly care recipients withdraw, become  angry and suffer from severe depression.

Strange Behaviors

Why are seniors not more concerned about preparing for long-term care need?

Perhaps because of the unhappy aspect of receiving long-term care.  Perhaps the elderly prefer to ignore it rather than embracing the need for planning.. Perhaps they mistakenly think the government will take care   of them. Or they believe that family and friends will provide the care when needed.  Unfortunately, families don't know how difficult it really is for children or a spouse to provide that care needed when the time  actually comes.  Without proper planning, the need for arranging care can result in the single greatest crisis   in an elderly person's life.

This lack of planning will always have an adverse effect on the older person's family. It usually results in a  great sacrifice to the family. The financial cost of the spouse or children can be enormous.  For seniors with   no immediate family, any long-term care expense will be a great burden to the extended family members.

Reaching Your Goal

Don’t wait until a crisis of an unexpected health problem grabs you by surprise.  Prepare now to avoid unexpected losses, and to avoid unnecessary burdens on your family.

You can learn now about your eligibility for VA benefits and other government benefits. You can also get guidance to help you create a care plan that fits your wishes and lifestyle.

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