Are Your Searching For The Perfect Investment For Retirement?

What you want is an investment that does not demand that you have master’s degrees in personal finance. Everyone wants simplicity—and investing is no different.


What is the perfect investment?


The perfect investment has several critical components: (1) Safety of your money, (2) Delivers growth opportunities, (3) Offers liquidly or access to your money, (4) Generates tax-free dollars, and (5) Low maintenance costs.


You will be surprised to learn:


You have been told to follow the” traditional” retirement planning approach.


The problem:  the planning advice that you have been told to do by all the so-called financial and tax experts is WRONG.


These “experts” tell you that the 401(k) and IRA are, without question, the number one places you should put maximum retirement dollars first when it comes to saving.


This “one size fits all” general financial advice is wrong. This retirement advice does not work without knowing your full financial situation, your goals, and your needs.  It just does not work well because it is too limiting in choice...


An unpleasant fact that will scare you


Let us take a closer look.  Let us compare the features of the 401(k) and IRA to the ideal investment characteristics outlined above:


Safety:  Is a 401(k) or IRA a safe investment? NO-- it is not.

Everyone you know likely has lost a lot of money in 2008 within a 401(k) or IRA.  Many others have lost money during other times as well—so, no, neither program is safe.

The 401(k) and IRA fails the safety test.


Delivers Good Growth Opportunities:  It depends on which 5-, 10-, 20-, or 30-year period you are looking at.  Sometimes it does; sometimes it does not. So, let us just say a 401(k) and IRA  investment deliver good returns only part of the time.


Offers Liquidity for Your Investment:  Is a 401(k) or IRA a liquid investment where you can access your money without tax or company penalty? NO!


Is it great to put your money into a savings / investment vehicle that you cannot touch for 20–40 years? NO, It is CRAZY! The 401(k) or IRA fails the liquidity test big time.


Some people ask: Is an employer match really “free money”?.  NO, it is not free at all. The cost is the illiquidity of your money for 20-40 years of your life, and the inability to use it for family needs, health needs, or opportunities before your retirement, without large penalties.


Generates Tax Free Dollars?  Is the 401(k) or IRA tax-free? NOPE!  Each plan is tax deferred.

There is a big difference between tax-free and taxes being deferred until a later date.

 Everyone know that taxes are going higher in later years. Everyone knows that because of our overall national fiscal health.  The government will be required to get more revenue (higher taxes) in later years..


It is not smart to withdraw money in your later years, and pay higher income, at higher tax rates


Low Maintenance Costs?  Is the 401(k) or IRA a low-maintenance investment? NO, it is not.

It is costly to manage your investments over a 20-40 year history- in terms of the time to manage,  and re-balance your investments; and because of the yearly financial costs of the investment, and, perhaps, investment management costs.


Explore the results


Stop and look at IRA and 401k plans and compare them to the ideal place to save money


What happened? They fail at least four out of the five Ideal investment traits listed above. Eye opening, isn’t it?


Most people are hungry and looking for a better way--, an alternative, -- to discover better options



Power up your own retirement financial program


Get better results:  You need to gather ALL the facts to improve your retirement finances.


You need to review an assortment of different programs and strategies that will best fit your specific needs and goals—both protecting your money, and providing lifetime income in your retirement.


Learn about safe growth strategies that will have a positive impact on your long-term retirement savings.


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