Social Security Is Underpaying Widowed Spouses
by Harvey Weinstein, MBA

The Big Problem for Seniors:
The Social Security’s Administration Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is underpaying 82% of widows and widowers entitled to spousal benefits, according to a report. The agency has failed to tell widowed spouses that they can claim survivor benefits, while delaying their own benefits until age 70. They estimate that widows/widowers have been underpaid $131.8 million as a result.

Why is the Problem Happening?

Social Security is not informing seniors of their options. They lack the systems and controls in place to tell seniors when it is best to claim Social security benefits.
The Problem is Expanding. The OIG estimates that SS Administration continues to underpay seniors under the age of 70. The Administration acknowledges this problem but is unable to correct this system failure. The main reason for this is due to a lack of education by seniors about their filing options. Social Security Administration offers a large variety of different options that directly affect you and your family for your entire life. Unfortunately, many seniors continue to take Social Security benefits at the wrong time, creating a significant loss of future “lost” income. Many seniors lack the ability to find their optimum strategy without assistance. The Social Security Administration is not providing that assistance due to a lack of  controls and limitations.

How do You Know which Social Security Option is Best for You?
Our company has developed a FREE Special Report designed to help seniors determine the optimal filing strategy for their specific life situation in mind. Our Special Report will provide you with answers to determine how you can maximize your Social Security benefits. This Special Report discusses:
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-What are My Spousal Benefits? What options does my spouse have, and how to choose the one that provides the most income?
-How Much are the Survivor Income Benefits? If I pass away, how much income will my spouse get, and how can I fill their resulting income gaps?
-What is the Impact of Working During Retirement? If I make additional income during retirement, how is it going to affect my SS benefits?
-What is the Taxation of Social Security Benefits? How much of your Social Security will be taxed, and what you
can do to reduce your taxation.
-How Do I Fill the Gap in Lost Income? Unfortunately, Social Security replaces only about 40 percent of the average American’s income after retiring.
That still leaves a substantial gap for most families. To live comfortably in your retirement years, and provide financial peace of mind, more income will be needed. Use our Special Report to Become Educated & Find Financial Security. The information provided in this Report will give you the answers so you can claim the maximum lifetime Social Security benefits based on your specific individual situation. Our Report also shows you how much more of your nest egg you need for a secure retirement, and how to provide additional reliable income in retirement.With this powerful retirement planning tool, you have the opportunity to make informed, sound financial decisions. These strategies will benefit you and your family for the rest of your life.

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