Holli’s House Tips

How to Prepare for a Private Showing on your Home? If your home is actively on the market for sale, you welcome the phone call from your REALTOR, that an interested party would like to view it. It is an exciting time however, are you prepared? Does your home offer a warm, light and welcome feeling or is it dark, cold and discouraging? Walk through your home as if it were the first time, try to envision someone coming through that does not know Auntie Susan in the hallway frame, nor have any interest in 50 piece collectible antique train set in the den. If you are serious about selling your home, you will eventually need to pack all of your personal belongings so get a head start. Before your first purchasing guest visits, ensure your home is well lit by welcoming daylight, smells fresh and has a comfortable temperature pending the season.

Holli Shanbrom

Coldwell Banker