Holli’s House Tips

Buying or selling a home requires multiple professionals.  

If you or a loved one, were planning an overseas trip, you would look to a team for help.  You may call a travel agent to research the perfect location based on your needs. Once decided, you will look into airfare, based on availability, price and overall ratings.  And lastly, the accommodations to which you will be relaxing, dining, and creating the overall experience for your vacation.  If one of these puzzle pieces fails to exceed your expectation, your highly anticipated experience will be disappointing.  

Real estate is no different.  Sellers nor buyers want to hear in the eleventh hour  "loan denied", as that puts the seller and the buyer in a bad position.

To ensure a smooth sale for both transaction parties, hiring a REALTOR with a team of preferred lenders, inspectors, attorneys, contractors, home-stagers and photographers, is the key to a successful sale.  There can/will be hurdles, most of which can be overcome with an A-TEAM of experts, on your side, working toward the common goal.