Holli’s House Tips


Will your first offer be your best offer? More often than not, yes! So what's the problem? Recently my team members and I have run into a few sellers who have had unreasonable expectations regarding the fair market value of their property as reflected by their property's current condition.  Many sellers are unaware that pricing their property too high can lead to undue delay in receiving a fair market offer and ultimately, disappointment with the sales process.  Several of the sellers I am referring to lost realistic pricing perspective after days of de-cluttering, cleaning  closets, home staging, room painting, carpet cleaning.  Many of these same sellers suddenly seemed to feel that their clean and orderly homes were now "worth" thousands more. Is this true? Most of the time, no.  Most buyers of non-distressed properties are expecting homes to show clean and organized. In fact, many buyers won't make it all the way through your property if not.  While your first offer may not be exactly what you had been hoping for,  it may be your best offer.  As your DAYS ON MARKET increase, the perception of the value of your property amongst potential purchasers will likely decrease.  So, before shooting for the stars with that initial listing price and waving off that early buyer who loves your home enough to give you a fair market based offer,  take them seriously as that first offer may be your best offer.


Holli Shanbrom

Coldwell Banker