As I sit down to write few “wisdom” words in my column I realize that I

have not shared with you the fact that I am a proud member of the

“hearing aid wearer club”.


So now I wear two hearing aids which provide the brightness to my brain

and ease to my listening efforts. I am looking forward each morning to

enlighten my day with the sounds which I have been missing.

I realize how important is hearing not only in hearing sounds but also

how important it is in the process of listening and to top it all how

important it is in the process of understanding and keeping my brain

young. All, making this a precious process. (I will be having few

lectures about the process of hearing, listening and understanding.

Please call the office for more information)

Recently for my convenience I installed a rechargeable battery. What a

true convenience. At the end of the day I just remove my hearing aids

put them into a charger and in the morning they are fully charged and

ready to go. Never have to open the battery door. (please call the

office to find out more about the rechargeable batteries).


Hope you had a great summer and are going to have a beautiful fall.



President of the Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

President of the New England Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic

Chairman and Founder of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association (TPA)

Inventor of the CHaTT (Cognitive Habituation Tinnitus Therapy)

Inventor of the RITE/RIC hearing aid system

National and International Lecturer