Corn Mazes and Hearing Loss


The beautiful fall leaves are starting to change colors. I've been thinking of an outdoor activity for my seven and nine year old to enjoy, so I decided to bring them to a corn maze. If you've never been to a corn maze, it consists of acres and acres of rows of cornstalks, with a maze carved out for people to explore.


When we arrived at the maze, we were greeted by farm attendants who handed us a pack of clues to be used to navigating. Then, they walked us the point of entry. Being in the corn maze generated some anxiety on my part. The branches from the corn stalks towered two feet above my head, creating a chilly canopy blocking the sun's warm rays. My inner claustrophobia set in. My children, however, were delighted and approached each clue with unbridled enthusiasm.


Taking each clue piece by piece, they broke it down into manageable parts. When we reached the first spot, verified by a small painted sign signaling we'd come to the right place, the kids shouted with excitement at their achievement. And so, we continued on to the next clue, until eventually we found our way out.


Navigating the corn maze reminded me of my work with patients with hearing loss. When they enter our office for the first time, they are beginning their journey with many unknowns.


Will I need hearing aids? Will they be noticeable? Can anything heal my hearing loss?

Living with hearing loss can feel overwhelming. As audiologists and hearing specialists, we have the clues, the map, and a plan of action to help our patients on their journey toward life with better hearing. Together, we navigate through the maze of the unknown, until we see the light peeking out through the tall, shadowy foliage.


from Dr. Zelda Shleifer, Au.D., CCC-A