Unhappiness - The Perfect Storm!

By Lionel Ketchian


Are you creating the Perfect Storm in your life?

Think about a time when you had a problem that was troubling you, or a situation that was bad for you, or even a person that created a disagreeable condition in your life. This scenario is the first part of the perfect storm.

The second part of the perfect storm is your unhappy reaction to the situation.

Why would that cause the perfect storm? The reason is, while your problems may be the gasoline or the fuel for a fire the heat of your unhappiness is the spark that ignites the fuel and creates the fire.


Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary defines the Perfect Storm as "a critical or disastrous situation created by a powerful concurrence of factors." The perfect storm not only describes weather conditions, it can also be attributed to factors in our thinking and human emotions.

You have a problem, you then become unhappy that you have a problem. When you become unhappy because you have a problem, your unhappiness creates another problem, usually the bigger problem one. The problem becomes bigger than life. It consumes and overwhelms you. You feel there is nothing you can do, because your state of unhappiness directs you to see life in only that way. Once you think unhappily, in terms of the problem and not the solution, you lose your power and ability to deal with the problem.


Take a look at your problem. Do you have a choice about your problem? You do not have to face your problems, but you need to face your choices. That is the power of choice. Knowing you have a choice gives you power. This is far more important than you may realize. The next time you encounter a problem, ask yourself what choices are available to you. You can only make the best choice available to you. But first you need to be aware that the choice exists.


Happiness can allow you to see these choices clearly. In a happy state of mind, you can deal with any problem. With clarity, you can better see what choices you have. This clarity enables you to effectively deal with your problem. List all possibilities regarding what your choices are, than look at the two best choices in this situation, and choose the best one for this moment.


Once you have made that choice, go with it, and let go of the entire situation. You have done everything you can do for now. If you find a better choice in twenty minutes, then select it. In the meantime, your power to choose has accomplished many positive things: You have stopped worrying about the situation you have, started to realize your choices, you have decided to act on those choices.


You can cause what you want to happen, as a result of making the right choices. You can create a magnet of positive events, which will start flowing toward you in your life. Your ability to make choices, or better yet, the right choices in every situation, gives you a step up to the best reality for the next moment.


If you have no choice, you have no problem. You are just left with something you do not like. It's not that you really have a problem. Problems have solutions. If you do not have a choice, why make it a problem? If the problem is just a part of life, and you don't accept it, than you will suffer. Your suffering is a result of your reaction to you're own negative thinking. This is also your choice, but you do have another choice ... to live and enjoy life. Just Be Happy!


There is no reason that is valid enough to make you unhappy. You are choosing to be unhappy because you want something to be different. A better choice is, remain happy, then deal with the people, problems, and situations in your life. In this way, you learn to make the best choices and find the best solutions for the things you want to change.


Empower yourself by deciding to be happy no matter what! Choose happiness over everything else. Give yourself the power to deal with life and yourself more effectively. Happiness is a powerful strategy

for those who practice it! Happiness gives you the awareness to realize the choices you have and decide what option is right for you. What is the real power you have in doing this? You have power over yourself, and this is very important my friend, because being happy gives you authentic power.

You have the power to stop the perfect storm of unhappiness. Roll the storm clouds away and bask in the sunlight of the power of happiness!