The Benefits of Adult Day Care

Adult Day Cares are on the grow nowadays with more than 4,000 programs in existence in the United States alone, giving care, supervision and social interaction for the elderly all over the country. These programs in general are divided into two types, those that are purely for social interaction, those that provide medical care and supervision, most of these are associated with other organizations such as home care agencies, skilled nurse facilities, medical centers and additional senior service providers.  Adult Day Cares offer benefits to both the care recipients and their caregivers giving both peace of mind and hope.

When older people retire, become widowed or are ill, they can lose the one thing that they’ve prided themselves on their whole lives, a sense of purpose a reason to get up out of bed in the morning. Waiting day to day alone waiting for something to happen, someone to visit or even just a phone call can give a sense of isolation and create depression within an elderly individual, nothing to look forward to, nothing to occupy can be quite cumbersome. Enrolling your loved one can restore that sense of purpose, and give back those bright mornings knowing they have a place to be and people to see, allowing them to feel included and cared for properly.

Adult Day Care programs aside from the purpose given can also offer caregivers a huge sense of relief if they cannot provide care round the clock care because of work or other vital obligations. Caregivers can rest at ease knowing that proper supervision, nutritious meals, mental stimulation, counsel and companionship will be provided to their loved ones when enrolled in an Adult Day Care program.  Seniors who live alone for 24 hours a day are more likely to be involved in an accident in their homes, but if supervision was offered and a place to interact with other seniors was given they could still feel that sense of independence by getting out of the house and having structure in their lives.

A senior’s nutrition and exercise is also priority in the adult day cares, so often seniors end up skipping meals or not eating healthy because it’s just for themselves this leads to possible severe malnutrition, being either under or overweight. They may not be a confident chef or not want to waste the effort preparing a meal just for them. At Adult Day Cares, rest assured, not only are nutritious meals given but exercise through fun activities, fellowship and great conversations keep the elders healthy and happy.

Mental Stimulation is a must as we get older, time passers, hobbies what have you, are important to keep us on the ball. At Adult Day Cares, we exercise not only the body but also the mind. Each day is chock full of activities and crafts to keep seniors alert and most of all having fun. They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, at Adult Day Care nothing gets wasted.

Socialization is so important, knowing you have friends and family out there who care for you and want to see you at your best. Giving seniors a place where they’re cared for, can interact with peers, make new friends and have fun all at once is so imperative and special. Getting old doesn’t have to mean an end but also it can mean to a lot of new beginnings. You are never too old to make a friend and a great memory.

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Scott Bradley, Volunteer