Introduction To Elaine

Hello Everyone,

I truly love what I do and I do not think of this as work at all. I feel very fortunate if I can help others in the community and bring people together. New England Young at Heart is about just that, building relationships in the community that you live, work and want to do business in. What happened to the handshake or borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor?? Or hiring a Local company ??

Some say I am an Old Soul and I am proud of that . I think if families helped each other and we helped our neighbors like back in the day things would be different.

I recently left all my jobs to pursue New England Young at Heart , my passion ! Planning events, buying local utilizing resources available in my community comes easy to me but when I thought about MARKETING Young at Heart WHAT!!!  Someone told me its not hard to do when you are following your heart and for the right reasons. This is very true the individuals I have come to know over the years are the ones who have the same beliefs as I do . I may not have perfect writing or the perfect presentation but I do what I do because I believe it is right and I love helping people.

I am one person reaching out to many people in every community in CT to find the perfect companies to become a part of the New England Young at Heart Network.

I recently was awarded Person of the Month by the  Woodbridge First Select Woman and WOW I was so excited and honored because I know that what I am doing IS making a Difference people do notice . So then I sat down and started looking at letters and newspaper articles and I thought I need to post these I need to show the community who I am and what I stand for right?  Well I guess I should post them  to build my credibility for business but I don't do these things to be recognized I do them because  I love it ! Hum maybe that's why I am so good at connecting people and hosting events !!